A group of neighbors making sure residents of our community are heard.


Our mission is to make a plan to reach unity in the Jackson Heights Community by way of compromise from all residents. 

The Open Streets Program (OS) was started as a temporary initiative during the quarantine period in NYC, to give residents access to roads where they could exercise and spend time while socially distancing. The situation where it started was exceptional, and it worked very well, but now that our city is steadily getting back to normal, there have been many challenges presenting themselves.


Given that the initial proposal was already changed to a permanent one, and the hours of operation have been extended, residents have been more outspoken to show their concern for how it affects them negatively.

Groups supporting this program have been organized since its conception, and have been proposing more changes to further affect the neighborhood in a more permanent way.


This is being done while a majority of the 34th Avenue residents have not been asked for their feedback or are informed on what those changes are.

We want a conversation with those who have issues with the program and those in charge of the Open Streets in the Department of Transportation. We should also be heard and worked with, as we are the residents directly affected by it.

If you share this sentiment, please sign our petition to help us reach compromise.